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Millions of years of evolution and thousands of years of conversation with other humans have equipped us with complex, intuitive, and autonomous communication skills. These are skills that most of us take for granted - but we excel at them. Gyst lets your existing IVR adapt in real time based on these human abilities. Doing this significantly reduces operational costs for the enterprise.

Gyst uses cloud and on-premise models to enhance efficiencies in self-service phone calls. Our patented and patent pending technology uses intelligent algorithms, machine learning and call sampling to determine caller skills at navigating the voice application. It uses this behavioral data to make adjustments to the call experience on the fly. So your IVR can tune in to the best way to communicate with each caller, every time - just like humans do.

Gyst technology has optimized and saved costs on over 300 million phone calls. A scientific white paper is available, detailing results at four customer sites - just email us here for a copy.

uses machine learning to measure, analyze and optimize the experience in real time throughout each call

speeds up audio playback (wpm) for skilled/expert callers every time they respond well

slows down, provides extra instructions and allows more time for slower/less skilled callers

web based. easy integration. direct savings.

Implementing Gyst in your voice applications is easy. We work directly with your application developer to insert a few simple web API (http) calls into the appropriate places in the voice application. The service keeps track of where each caller to the system is in the call flow, how their earlier performance at navigating the script has been, how they are doing for the current interaction, and other factors. It then computes personalization parameters unique to the caller for the next step in the dialogue. This same process works for any brand of IVR, whether hosted, remote, or on premise.

increased performance reduces costs

The primary goal of Gyst is to deflect calls away from agents. The technology accomplishes this by constantly seeking the ideal speaking rate, timeout parameters, wording and other variables to suit each individual caller. So callers using their mobile phones in noisy environments will hear the audio slowed down progressively, and possibly be given additional time to respond. The same goes for elderly or cognitively impaired callers, or those multitasking at the office or at home.

improves self-service rates (AHR)

improves call handle times (AHT)

improves goal completion

A white paper is available, detailing business benefits at customer sites - just email us here for a copy.

greatly improved customer experience

Gyst reduces caller input error rates by over 10 percent. Callers experience less friction since the technology automatically tunes the experience on the fly to the exhibited skills as demonstrated by each caller, every time. Novice callers get special attention and are encouraged to use (and repeatedly use) self-service. Expert callers are handled quickly and will also be encouraged to use the system the next time they call.

reduces caller input error rates

reduces caller friction & frustration 

boosts capacity at peak periods

Gyst Analytics delivers high value insight into caller behavior in the IVR. It pinpoints exactly where in the call script callers are struggling - using not just timeout and no input/no match data, but caller skill levels, aggregate caller behaviour and historical caller proficiency levels. The software also tracks individual caller frustration levels as they progress through each call and gets them to an agent before its too late (proactive call transfer feature). It shows how well they perform at every point in the interaction dialogue, how well speech vs touch-tone users perform at each point over time and as you change your call script to accommodate new services, seasonal changes and so forth. It's like having a real-time usability study performed every hour of every day.

Gyst Analytics can be implemented as a standalone, independent feature, to expose areas in need of real improvement in your voice applications. This is particularly important for older or poor performing IVR scripts, or where calls are outsourced to call centers or a hosted service. Many such service providers have little or no financial incentive to optimize the IVR, especially if they are providing both the Customer Service Representatives and the IVR services, since doing that would only reduce their bottom line on the more expensive agent answered calls.

With Gyst Analytics, you can quickly and continuously:

  • Identify ALL areas where improvements are needed to increase self-service rates

  • Identify specific sources of caller complaints before you need to deal with them

  • Identify and duplicate which design practices work best for your particular callers

  • Identify where Speech works best for your  callers and voice applications

  • Identify where Touch-Tone works best for your callers and voice applications

  • Make proactive transfers to agents for callers having excessive difficulty in the IVR

uses sophisticated algorithms to quickly identify trouble spots in the IVR call flow script

creates alerts on individual caller frustration levels as they progress through each call

tracks the overall customer journey as they engage with each step in the IVR call script

Gyst Analytics - Sample Report Section

Gyst Analytics reports are always accessible via any popular web browser. We provide a unique, secure link to allow you to keep an eye on how your IVR is performing in real time.

side-by-side pilot proves results up front

We offer a pilot that samples tens of thousands of your inbound calls and then operates Gyst side by side, with and without CX adjustments. You get to see the precise benefits the technology delivers before you subscribe to one of our annual SaaS billing programs. Being platform agnostic and web API based, there is no need to interfere with your existing IVR, ACD, PBX or other network infrastructure. Simple changes at the voice application level will be enough to implement the technology. And in the unlikely event of a disruption of our service, your voice applications continue to run without Gyst, just as they do today. So what are you waiting for? You can reach us right here to discuss our pilot options.


The Gyst team has created a new technology that delivers advanced improvements in the Customer Experience (CX) for self-service phone calls. We realized several years ago that measuring caller skills and performance at navigating through an IVR call script could be used to enhance and personalize the experience in real time. As a result of this early work, we built and tested several software models that proved this theory in production. We also received a patent on the process and have since filed several additional patents covering improvements to date. With Gyst, we have taken the lessons learned from the original technology we developed, and created a new web based version of the service that will deliver the best CX in the industry.

Gyst also received an award under Enterprise Ireland's High Potential Startup/Competitive Start Fund to bring the technology to EMEA using Ireland as a base. To that end, Gyst Technologies was formed as a new Limited Company, registered in Dublin. The goal of this company is to leverage the benefits of our field-proven technology in these additional markets. 


Using technologies developed by the Gyst team, clients have saved hundreds of millions of dollars on over 1.5B user interactions to date. Industry experts and clients use terms like "game changer,” "no-brainer" and “real differentiator” to describe the kind of innovative and patented technologies we create. These products have been used worldwide to gain efficiencies and optimize user interactions for major airlines, international financial institutions, technology firms, and large government agencies. A top five US based technology services firm liked one of our products so much they acquired it for use in their own hosted telecom services.

Here's what some people say about the technologies the Gyst team developed for them:

“Performed flawlessly. Reduced call times by 26 seconds and increased self-service by almost 2 percent” - Director, Customer Service, Major U.S. Public Transit Company

“Delivers as promised. We verified an 11 second drop in handle times" - Director, Call Center, Top 5 Super-Regional U.S. Bank.

"A no-brainer. It provided an ROI of 5 months for the bank” - SVP Of Operations, Top 3 International Bank.

"Tens of millions of consumers will soon experience a giant leap forward in customer self-service." - CEO of major IVR hosting company. 


In addition to the partnerships we have formed in the U.S. and Ireland, we have an extensive network of highly skilled Software Developers, Speech Technologists and Consultants we work with. Together, this allows Gyst to deliver significant Cost Savings, Innovative Customer Experiences, and Advanced Analytics for our enterprise clients.

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With offices in New York and Dublin, Gyst  is available for both the North American and European call center markets. Please contact us at the location below that best serves your business needs.

Gyst, Incorporated.
PO Box 871, Larchmont,
New York 10538,
USA phone:  (631) 680-4307

Gyst Technologies Limited 
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Fitzwilliam Street Lower,
Dublin 2, Ireland phone:  +353 1 539 4020

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